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The Total Change Program was born out of an intense desire to help reduce recidivism. Through one man’s experience having spent 18 years and 2 months in incarceration and a strong vision to help others through the process of re-entry into society, Fred Williams is devoting his time and life-skills to solve the critical issues facing ex-offenders.

While in prison, Fred decided to change his life, his thinking and his actions; so as not to create the opportunity to find himself in the same situation. He learned to tap into his own Energy Within (Self-Efficacy¹)to make better decisions, understanding the notion of Options Boards², listening to advice about How to Get Along in Society³, practicing Social Skills*, and remembering he has Purpose and Value**.

Fred uses his God given talents of organization, energy and enthusiasm to fulfill the mission of Climate Changers to bring about Total Change!

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¹Psychologist Albert Bandura has defined selfefficacy as one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task. One’s sense of selfefficacy can play a major role in how one approaches goals, tasks, and challenges.

²What we allow as OKAY in our own lives, goes on our board of options – is it okay to steal? if yes, it resides on our board. We get to choose what we think is okay and create our own “Options Board.”

³How we conduct ourselves in society determines how we are treated, if we are polite and respectful – we will usually be treated with the same respect. Learning how to get along and what is expected of us is important.

*Social Skills; including how to dress and what to say in a job interview, how to walk and talk, who to associate with.

**Purpose and Value; why are you here? We all have purpose and value.

    Phase 1

A 12 week program which begins inside the correctional facility to prepare inmates to re-enter society in a positive way. During this phase, individuals are equipped with the necessary tools enabling them to successfully adjust and function as law abiding citizens.

Phase 2

A 6 to 12-month Intense Non-Residential component. Continued education:

Family values
Personal adjustments
External situations
Internal situations
Decision making
Preconceived notions

      Phase 3

Aftercare, The Total Change Program and its tools remain accessible to all participants to assist them in living as law abiding productive citizens.