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Like working with computers?
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We have partnered with EriePhi to launch a software boot camp within our community. This is an opportunity to get an education within a year that can land you an opportunity to make $50k or better annually!

Here is what you will learn:

  • job skills
  • soft skills
  • how to succeed in the digital economy
  • how to get a job where you can earn $50,000 per year (entry level pay)

Unlock your potential and enter the world of software development.

The key to developing any software module is logical thinking. Each programming language is structured in a way to develop specific components of the digital economy.These are the skills you can get (after the first basic training you can choose what you like best):

  • C –  a language for developing hardware and software modules
  • Java – for App development (learn how to create an app for phones)
  • And more…  a developer with knowledge of one language can learn other languages in no time

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Office – 814-520-8080

(Sashi) Shashaanka Ashili, PhD

We now offer CareerLink and its services every Wednesday at Climate Changers Inc. located at 314 East 11th Street from 10am – 12pm